Mortgage negotiation

The very first operation linked to finance that we realized for one of our real estate client was a mortgage negotiation. The relevant bank was extremely surprised that we refused the "finder fee" which they offered to us so generously.

The simple coherence and respect we owe to our clients who trust us require the refusal of any woking methods that lead to a real or potential conflict of interest.

Simply understand our approach: your interests will be protected, really protected.

The fees will be settled before the beginning of the task and will be totally transparent. By default we apply the banking confidentiality standard. If the intervention of a third party (fiduciary, auditor, lawyer,...) is necessary we give the priority to your favorite reprensentative first. In case an exception to this principle should be advisable, we would submit the problem to you before any decision had to be taken.In a general way you always keep the control of your project.