Our Approach Philosophy

From the biginning it was clear that Servipier wanted to contribute significantly to the emergence of a more sustainable world, and particularly would only accept an approach legitimated by an obvious and serious increase in value for the final users.

  • Complete reflection

  • The photovoltaic solar energy can be already profitable with the technologies at disposal. However it needs a larger approach than the strict choice of solar components, even if they are top quality. It's essential to create an additional value by inserting to the PV solution extra-components increasing the the solar production (e.g. heat-pump), by adding diverse functions to the solar plant (e.g. bad weather protection or water collector), or by drawing up a more competitive solution thanks to the addition of a complementary technology. The reflection needs not only to cover the life cycle of the photovoltaic components but also those which are linked to them. The plainer exemple is flat roofing whose useful life can be extended thanks to the protection of the all over solar cover.

  • Choice of the best supplier considering every aspects

    The numerous suppliers and various technologies lead to laborious choice conditions. The only reliable concept on the long run is gotten from our first profession, that is, the working methodology of the General Enterprise (according to the Swiss terminology), which can handle construction sites requiring to hire several tens employees with only a few partners and with some routine regarding the tender management.

  • Giving Priority to the Most Sustainable Solutions

  • The criterion hierarchy is essential when the most sustainable solution is requested. Our position is to put sustainability first.

  • Expand the Innovation

    Not to be able to lay out with figures of 7, 8 or 9 don't mean impossibility to bring innovation. The present website proves it through its pages.

  • Looking for Efficiency

    The most sustainable and profitable solution is hold for each step of the process to obtain the full efficiency in the most natural way. Every minor point is oversized to limit the inffered loss (e.g. increase of the diameter's cable), and also to extend the solar farm's life expectancy.

Our hope is to contribute to a sustainable and radiant world for the next generations.