Photovoltaics in General

A little more details

The silicium technology linked to the photovoltaic pannels is a tried and tested technic. The oldest systems are almost 50 years old and are still in use. In broad outline the pannels are classified in three classes: mono-crystalline, polycrystalline, and thin layer, in a decreasing order as well as for the price and the for the performance (efficiency). Most of the manufacturers offer a 5 years full functionning warranty and a 20 to 25 years 80 to 90% performance warranty.

The produced current is DC type with an energy voltage depending on the chosen pannels and on the installation typology. The current has to be turn into 230V AC when the purpose is to sell it on the grid. This process is fullfilled through an inverter. A meter similar to those used on your own electric board has to be put in by the local electric company to carry out the statement of the furnished current.

Photovoltaics Advantages

The photovoltaic plant gives plain crucial advantages. An almost nonexistant maintenance, a long-term life predictable on the basis of the present known experiences, as well as an over time relatively stable production can be cited.

A little known fact deserves a particular attention: during heatwaves most of the other current production methods are less efficient either through lack of wind or water, but also through the most frequent problem of cooling (nuclear power plant and in a smaller way thermic power plant). But it's the very moment that the photovoltaic plant release the maximal seasonal production.